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02/24/2017 11:09 PM

Send Money from Anywhere to Kenya via M-Pesa

Finding ways to send and receive money from loved ones and friends has always been a major part of everyone’s lives, and over a long period of time people around the globe have been looking for affordable and secure means to do so in a matter of seconds. In comes the M-Pesa revolution, and suddenly sending and receiving money has never been easier.

Essentially, M-Pesa is a mobile phone-based money transfer service that allows clients and customers to deposit money into an account stored on their cell phones, send balances using PIN-secured text messages to other users, including sellers of goods and services, and to redeem deposits for regular money. Basically, M-Pesa allows one to send and receive money, within a matter of seconds, using a mobile phone in Kenya. This service was launched in 2007 by Vodaphone for Safaricom and Vodacom, the largest mobile network operators in ...

07/09/2016 02:42 PM

M-Pesa World Leader in Mobile Money Transfer

Kenya is taking mobile money transfer to a completely new level with M-Pesa. M-Pesa currently offers one of the world-leading mobile money systems. From the name, M-Pesa, M refers to Mobile whereas Pesa is a Swahili term meaning Money. This money system is a product from Safaricom Company. Over the years, M-Pesa has become the most popular money transfer platform in Kenya. With recent development in technology, it has spread its coverage and subscribers can send money to and from different countries in the world. Safaricom has invested a lot in R&D to perfect this platform and ensure fast and easy money transfers.

06/28/2016 12:02 AM

What are the Challenges of Sending Money to Kenya Online?

Sending money online has made it convenient and fast for individuals to send money from any country to Kenya. While this avenue has made things easier even for emergencies, it comes with its own challenges. Kenya may have a great online platform and a wide population that is connected but the system does come with certain challenges when sending money to Kenya online. The major aspects to put into consideration will include transaction capabilities, costs, as well as trust.

Technological challenges

Sending money ...

05/21/2016 12:11 AM

Have a happy VictoriaDayLongWeekend

The entire KenyaPesa team would like to wish everyone in Canada an awesome VictoriaDayLongWeekend.

Weather man says it's going be a warm weekend, lots of outdoor activities lined up in Ottawa for the entire family to enjoy.

Share some of the fun with loved ones and friends back in Kenya by sending Mpesa online transfer at KenyaPesa and pay $0 in transfer fees on your order. Use the coupon code PESA to claim your discount.

05/17/2016 11:52 AM

Who What Where is KenyaPesa?


KenyaPesa is made up of a team of experts whose objective is to assist other people from East Africa who live in the diaspora  support their loved ones back home by sending cash to Kenya via Mpesa, AirTel Money, Bank Deposits and Cash pick Up from our agents in the region.


KenyaPesa is money service business registered in Ontario, Canada. We provide money transfer services from Canada to Kenya.


KenyaPesa money transfer service is provided online on our website

You can pay for your order using instant transfer provided by INTERAC. It is fast and convenient.

We would like you to test drive our service for FREE. Just register for a free account, create your order, pay and send. We'll deliver the cash within 24 hours guaranteed.

You can reach our to our support team by send an email to ...

03/19/2016 12:12 AM

Start and Run a Start Up under the Canadian Entrepreneur Immigration Program

The Canadian Entrepreneur Immigration program offers individuals an opportunity to immigrate to Canada through business immigration. Canada is offering new start-up visa that is aiming at linking entrepreneurs with the private sector organizations that are working with start-ups.

However, while there are other immigration business programs, this one targets entrepreneurs. The key objective is to provide individuals who have some business experience as entrepreneurs to own and run a business in Canada, which aim at creating employment for Canadian residents. This is expected to contribute positively towards the Canadian economy. 
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01/25/2014 06:55 PM

Kenyan Girl Kenyan Boy by Necessary Noize Lyrics

01/25/2014 06:53 PM

Tuwaze Freelance Online Jobs

01/13/2014 08:51 AM

Hardstone Uhiki Pinye Remix Lyrics

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