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KenyaPesa allows you to send money to Kenya fast and cheaply from your Bank account. The funds are delivered via Safaricom Mpesa, Airtel Money, Bank transfer or Cash pick up from one of our agents.

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I get an error message when paying using INTERAC Online, what should I do?


If this is the first time you are making an online payment to KenyaPesa you may get a message to contact your banking institution and a reference number. Please make sure you call the phone number(s) provided and provide the reference number. This is one-time step added step by your banking institution to protect your funds.

Interac Error

You may also get a message that the amount exceeds the maximum limit. This refers to the maximum amount allowed for online payments on your bank account. Please call your banking institution and they will be able to resolve the issue for you over the phone.


What is Mobile Money Transfer?

  Mobile money transfer involves the use of a cellular phone to send and receive money between two parties. The cellular number is used as the account number. Transactions are conducted using text messages. You can use mobile money transfer services to make purchases at the store, pay for services and bills as well as send money to another mobile subscriber.  
  Send Money to Kenya via M-Pesa  

Do I get a receipt for my payment?


Yes. When you complete making a payment to KenyaPesa, a copy of the receipt will be displayed for you to print or save on your local computer.

If you need to print another copy, you can always go back to the order in your member area and click 'Print' on the Receipt column.


How long does it take for the funds to reach the recipient?

  We guarantee to deliver the funds to the recipient within 24 hours or less  

Can I process more than one transaction per day?


Yes as long as you do not exceed the daily maximum limit. Our agents may request for additional information regarding the extra transactions.


What is the maximum amount I can send?

  The maximum amount you can send per day is KES 60,000  

What is the minimum amount I can send?

  The minimum amount you can send is $10  

How do I check the status of my transaction?


The status of your order is always displayed in your member area once you have completed making a payment.

You will also receive an email confirmation when your order is received.

You can also contact our customer support team for assistance


What information should I convey to the recipient?

  If you select Cash Pick Up in your order then you will need to send the recipient the order number, secret question and answer. The recipient will need that information when collecting the cash from an agent.  

What is my tracking number?

  The order number is the tracking number for your money transfer on KenyaPesa. You will find the order listed under 'My Orders' in the member area. It is also included in the order confirmation email sent to to you when we receive your order.  

Can I send cash to Kenya on public holidays?


Yes. Our website is available to send cash to Kenya 24/7

In case of bank deposits the cash will be delivered the following working day in the morning.


My payment was declined by the bank. Can I try paying again using a different method?


How do I change my password?

  You can change your password by clicking 'Update Password' in your Member area  

Does the recipient need to pay any fees to receive the funds?

  No. Please note that mobile transfer providers will charge a fee for withdrawals.  

How do I recover my lost password?

  If you have set a security question and answer in your profile, go to the log in form and click on Forgot Password Follow the instructions to recover a forgottent password.  

Can I pay for my travel expenses using KenyaPesa?


Yes. You start by sending a payment to the service provider via M-pesa, Airtel Money, bank account or they can collect the cash form a local agent. You will receive a confirmation by email once we deliver the payment to the service provider.

You can also top up your mobile money account when you arrive in Kenya and use it for your day to day expenses like cab fare, meals, local flights and talk time. More travel money details ...

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