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KenyaPesa allows you to send money to Kenya fast and cheaply from your Bank account. The funds are delivered via Safaricom Mpesa, Airtel Money, Bank transfer or Cash pick up from one of our agents.

Delivery within 24 hours. No hidden charges.



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How Does KenyaPesa Work?


How to Send Money

Step 1

Click on the Send Money button below to start


  Step 2  

Choose the service you would like to use to send the funds


  Step 3  

If you selected Mobile Money Transfer in step 2, select the mobile provider from whom the recipient will collect the funds



If you selected Bank Deposit or Cash Pick Up services in Step 2, proceed to Step 4

  Step 4  

You can specify the amount by specifying the KES amount that the recipient will Recieve or the CAD amount you wish to Send.

The default is set to Receive so you can input a KES amount in the amount field.


If you want to specify the send amount, select Send and the currency will change to CAD


Once you have specified the amount the system will calculate the charges and display the total amount that you need to pay for your order.


If you have a coupon code, type it in and the order will be recalculated

Send Money to Kenya Coupon Code

If the total is ok, click Send Now to continue or you can change it and the totals will update automatically

  Step 5  

Log in to your KenyaPesa account

If you are not registered click on Register Free to sign up

  Step 6  

If you are sending to an existing recipient, select their name from the dropdown list and the system will autofill the details for you.

If you are sending to a new recipient, fill in their details in the form and click Add New Recipient

Select Add Recipient

Click Next to continue to the next step

  Step 7  

Select how you would like to pay for your order. You can use an Instant Bank Transfer or Debit / Credit Card



Click Check Out to pay for your order

If you selected Instant Bank Transfer, you will be redirected to INTERAC® Online payment processing page to log on to your banking institution website and make your payment.

  If this is the first time you are making an online payment to KenyaPesa you may get the message below. Please make sure you call the number provided and provide the reference number. It is one-time step added step by your banking institution to protect your funds.  
  Interac Error  

Once we have recieved your payment for the order, we will process the order and send the cash to the recipient

You will receive an email notification when we receive the payment and when the funds are delivered to the recipient.

If you have any questions please contact KenyaPesa Customer Service


Send Mobile Airtime To Up

  Step 1  

Click Send Airtime button below

Send Airtime

  Step 2  
  Type the last 9 digits of the mobile number you would like to to top up and confirm it

Send Airtime KenyaPesa

Clieck Next

Select the amount you would like to to top up

Send Airtime recharge KenyaPesa

Click Send Now

  Step 3  
  Log in to your KenyaPesa account. If you have not registered click Register Free to create an account

Send Airtime Log In KenyaPesa

  Step 4  
  Select a payment method for your order

Send Airtime KenyaPesa

Click Check Out

Send Airtime to Kenya via KenyaPesa

  Step 5  

Click Next This will take to you banking institution so that you can log in to you bank account and authorize payment.

Pay for Airtime KenyaPesa

Once you have completed paying for your order you will be redirected back to KenyaPesa and you can view opr print you receipt.

The airtime top up will be sent to the recipient's mobile phone as soon as we recieve the payment.

You will receive email notification once the payment is received and when the airtime top up is delivered.

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