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How to Build Solutions against Online Payment Fraud for eCommerce

  eCommerce is a big deal and operators need to take preventative measures to protect their businesses at all costs. What is more alarming are the penalties and loss of service associated with violating Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. Aside from hacking and phishing, an online business owner could be held financially responsible for losses incurred if they accept a fraudulent payment.

5 Major benefits to start sending money to Kenya online

  Sending money to Kenya online has become easier and faster as opposed to other modes of remittance. Despite the distance in geographical locations, many have readily accepted sending money to Kenya online and this comes with different platforms to meet the needs and preferences of different individuals ...

How Credit Card fraud affects ecommerce business

  We have been hearing of an alarmingly increase in reports on website data, identity theft and credit card fraud. Any business that collects customer information or payments online now runs the risk of being a victim ...

Major hurdles affecting online money transfer operators

  Online money transfer operators are seeking to provide a fast and easy solutions to transfer money across the globe. This has improved efficiency as well as convenience for the end users such that they can address emergencies despite being miles away ...

Problems affecting lives of Kenyans their solutions

  Long queues are a common site in Kenya whether it’s at the bank, hospital, public utility office or during the elections. Long queues lead to loss of man hours which could be better used to carry out productive activities that can rejuvenate Kenya’s economic growth ...

What factors drive online fraud

  Online fraud can be defined as any type of fraudulent scheme that uses the internet to conduct illegal transactions to financial institutions or individuals. Computer criminals use online fraud to steal from national and international investors, government agencies, and individuals ...

What tell tale signs to look for in eCommerce fraud

  Fraud, loosely defined is the use of deception to obtain something valuable or money. Some individuals use physical fraud method (this is where they interact face to face with people) while others prefer to use online fraud as they are able to orchestrate an attack from behind a laptop or personal computer ...

What types of businesses are most vulnerable to online payment fraud

  Online payment fraud refers to a false or illegal transaction by a cybercriminal with the aim of depriving the victim of funds or information. Recent advancement in technology has led eCommerce businesses to rely heavily on electronic money transfers to settle payments and the increase of online transactions has also seen a steady rise in fraudulent activities ...

Who are the losers and benefactors of online fraud

  Electronic Commerce is used for any type of business that carries out financial transactions through an online platform and credit card transactions. Mobile devices are playing an increasing role in ecommerce activities as it not only allows them to sell to customers but also engage them ...

Invest in Kenya from Diaspora

  The Kenyan economy is growing fast and offers a lucrative oasis for investors willing to foot the risk of doing business in a growing economy. Whether you are a Kenyan expertriate living in the diaspora or a foreign investor building an offshore portfolio, Kenya has a sweet spot for you.

Send money to Kenya from Diaspora

  Are you a Kenyan living in the diapora? Do you send money to Kenya to support family and friends pay their bills, school fees, utility bills and medical expense? ...

Travelling money from Canada to Kenya

  Carrying cash on you means you run the risk of losing it. When you arrive in Kenya, open an M-Pesa mobile money account using your cellphone number and load whatever money you need for day to day expenses on that account direct from your Canadian bank account ...

Best Practices for Ecommerce Before And After Online Payment Fraud

  Online payment fraud refers to an illegal transaction or a false payment executed by a cybercriminal. This characterized by unauthorized transactions as well as false requests for refunds or bounced checks ...

Building the Ideal Team to Help an Online Business Stay One Step Ahead Of Fraudsters

  There are issues that online businesses can address to make sure that they protect themselves and their customers from online crime. Having a skilled team which is highly trained and knowledgeable will go a long way in making sure the company’s operations online are smooth and that important information remains safe ...
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