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Major Hurdles Affecting Online Money Transfer Operators

  by Isaac Thuku  
  image courtesy of  
  Online money transfer operators are seeking to provide a fast and easy solutions to transfer money across the globe. This has improved efficiency as well as convenience for the end users such that they can address emergencies despite being miles away. Despite all the advantages that come with online money transfer, online money transfer operators are facing some major hurdles in their operations. The following include some of the problems facing online money transfer operators and their possible solutions:  

Network Connectivity/ Technological Concerns


Online money transfer transactions are run on automated technology systems. Despite the different money transfer options, one common aspect is the use of information technology. While it offers a great ecommerce platform to transfer money, it also comes with some challenges for the operators.

• Slow speeds

Online transfers are expected to be fast and reliable. In an effort to make transactions fast, you need fast speeds to prevent transaction queues from congesting which will in turn cause problems. The operators therefore, stand the risk of losig customers. Whenever speeds are slow, operators may opt not to process any more transactions. This in turn slows down growth and expansion for online money transfer operators.

• Network failure

Technological systems of any kind come with a slim margin of malfunctions. There are chances of the network system failure. This comes with two major problems. First, the possibility of losing money while in transit due to corrupt data is high which is bad business for operators. Secondly, other transactions must be stopped for data verification thus slowing down overall business opeations. Both cases end up affecting the overall returns for the online operators.

• Hacking

While there are smart entrepreneurs looking to develop online systems that will make online money transfers safer and faster, others are looking to exploit and bring down these platforms. Hackers have been known to use their capabilities to counter the progress of online transaction processors. These malicious acts are costing operators millions in revenue and operation overheads. Online money transfer operators therefore, need to invest more to protect both their business infrastructure as well as keep client information confidential.

To help counter these technological problems, it helps to ensure that all service providers have a backup or failover systems to counter network failure. A backup system gives operator’s time to remedy the failures while at the same time ensuring that business continues thus retaining the aspect of reliability and convenience.


Service Charging against Competition


Inter-operator service charges refers to the charges incurred by an operator from other players in the delivery chain. While seeking to deliver fast, convenient, and reliable means to send money across the globe, these operators would also like to make good returns on their investment. The hurdle comes about becasue clients are always looking for lower rates and will change operators whenever they find a cheaper alternative. It is a delicate balance between lowering fees and retain one's clientele base.

Remaining competitive is important but it is also important for operators to explain to consumers why the charges are as they are. In addition, make sure that the convenience and efficiency of the service are always upheld, as individuals may be willing to pay a bit more for better services.


Coverage and Diversity


While there are a number of online money transfer operators in the market, not all have a worldwide coverage. For example, an operator may have coverage in several countries but on the other hand may have just a few outlets which may not be able to reach a majority of the target consumers.

It is important that online money transfer operators provide specific details regarding their coverage. Not every operator will have a worldwide coverage but they can definitely ensure that their clients know where they can benefit from the operator's network.

Online money transfer systems are a must have due to the important role they play in the global economy and operators should keep coming up with new solutions to address the hurdles facing their businesses. This will help identify new business opportunities and provide better online money transfer services to their clientele.

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