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Building the Ideal Team to Help an Online Business Stay One Step Ahead Of Fraudsters

  by Isaac Thuku  
  Building a team to fight online fraud  
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The Internet has made our lives much easier by simplifying everyday tasks by making them faster and more convenient. Communicating, shopping, banking can all be done from the comfort of our homes

Online businesses have emerged to provide these services as more people get connected to the Internet. In as much as ecommerce solves many of our problems, it comes with certain challenges. Online businesses face a lot of challenges in protecting their business operations from hackers and fraudsters who are after vital information that can be used to steal important data and money. It’s important for everyone to be safe, secure, and responsible online.

There are issues that online businesses can address to make sure that they protect themselves and their customers from online crime. Having a skilled team which is highly trained and knowledgeable will go a long way in making sure the company’s operations online are smooth and that important information remains safe.

The ideal teams will comprise of personnel that are trained to handle the website security and any other delicate information access avenues that can be used against your business.


Software Developer


The person or firm that developed your website is very important. They are the people you call when your web solution has issues. They know a lot about your business. They will update your systems from time to time to prevent crashes and fix security vulnerabilities.

Your software developer should use the latest and most secure software to protect your systems and data from theft, misuse, and destruction with some basic precautions. They will teach you how to operate your systems safely and what steps can be taken to prevent instances of being hacked. Defend yourself against scammers, hackers, and identity thieves by protecting your information and your computers while online by using up to date systems.

If you let your operating system, web browser, or security software get out-of-date, criminals could sneak their bad programs, malware, onto your computer and use it to secretly break into other computers, send spam, or spy on your online activities. There are steps you can take to detect and get rid of malware.


The Anti-fraud Team


Every hacker or scammer wants your money. Every transaction online should be tracked and recorded. Backing up data on hard drives that are not connected to your system makes it easy to produce evidence in case of an incidence and keeps it safe from hackers.

Treat your company’s information like cash. Social security numbers, credit card numbers, and bank and utility account numbers can be used to steal your money or open new accounts in your name. So, every time you are asked for your personal information, whether it is on a web form, an email, text or phone message think twice before you provide it. In an effort to steal your information, scammers will do everything they can to appear trustworthy.

Having an anti-fraud team who can track every transaction is vital to financial security of an online business. The team should be trained in identifying and combating cyber-crime. Any potential instance of hacking should be reported to the right authorities to be investigated.
Large online businesses often hire a white hat hacker to try and break into their systems and retrieve information. These hacks are meant to expose weaknesses in the systems so that developers can come up with solutions before the hackers get access to vital data.


Protect Your Passwords


Anyone who logs into your systems should use a password. The longer the password, the tougher it is to crack. Also it’s easier to track who was in your business and what they were doing.

Don’t share passwords on the phone, in texts or by email. Legitimate companies will not send you messages asking for your password. If you get such a message, it’s probably a scam.


Back Up Your Files


No system is completely secure. Copy important files onto a removable disc or an external hard drive, and store it in a safe place. If your computer is compromised, you’ll still have access to your files.

Use a system with online fraud protection. Many cards will return your money if you are defrauded. Contact your bank or credit card provider to determine if your card has such protection. If not, try to find one that does offer insurance for online purchases. Credit cards are more likely to offer fraud protection than debit cards.

Check your statements regularly. When shopping online, check your credit and debit card statements frequently. Watch for suspicious charges and check charges against your records. Call your bank or credit card company immediately if you see anything suspicious.

Whether your online business is a small or big, it can still be hacked and defrauded. Every caution should be taken to provide you and the customer security when transacting online. Having the right kind of software and taking precautionary actions can save you money and resources thus, allowing your business to thrive and grow. Fraudsters are becoming more innovative by coming up with schemes to get your hard earned cash. It’s up to all of us to exercise caution as we do business online.

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